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You Are Unknowingly Attracting Demons Into Your Life If You Keep On Practising These Key Habits

Demons are spirits who simply live to help their master. As the supreme leader of all demonic spirits hiding in our world, Lucifer is known as "the Great Satan." According to the Holy Bible, following the failed conquest of heaven, Lucifer gathered all the demons into an army to fight against God's plan on earth, according to the Bible. 2 Corinthians 4: 4.

These wandering spirits are greatly influenced by good families. However, there is a secret: every demon needs permission to enter a person's life before doing so. It is not uncommon for demons to enter your life through six (6) methods. When you stay away from these things, no demon can get close to your area. Make sure you are not like Thomas, who insisted on seeing the hands and feet of Jesus Christ before believing in his resurrection. Spiritual things are difficult to understand with the mind of the flesh unless one has the ability to discern in the spirit world. I urge all Christians to fast and pray for strength and spiritual skills that will help them to understand the mystery. 

The whole Bible may be in your hands now, but if you have never studied demons and never worked to save, how can you know the secrets and practices of these demons? There are those who live with a group of demons that have been inside their bodies. As a result, I strongly urge you to stay away from things that allow these powerful creatures to enter your life. Let's get things started right now.

The Following Are Some Of The Habits We Should Avoid To Usher Out Demons Away From Us:

1. Pornography:

This affects majority of people; not only youths but also adults. Remember this is another work of fiction meant to deceive God's people. Satan takes advantage over this because he know we are weak creatures; thus weak sex objects who are driven by negative values and not powered by intellect. If you avoid pornographic contents then you will have prevented the devil out of your body and life. Let us stay positively please and avoid negative alacrities like pornographic contents which are prohibited even in the Bible.

To some extent, pornographic contents lead to over feeling in sex thus you may end up masturbating! Are you sure of what you are exactly doing or the demons just drive you? You may even be doing sex with the same demons thus making evil spirits in your bodies. Leave alone that please!

2. Fornication:

Special dedication to all youths. You know very well it is a sin but you go on thus astray against the Bible's agreement. Don't you think God gets annoyed of this? Avoid these act please of possible unless you are married. God is not happy with this. Maybe that's why most youths are dying of unknown concerns. They even end up killing themselves. Works of the demons; beware of that please!

3. Possessing Demonic Objects And Gadgets Like Ornaments:

If you keep chains and rings in your house or wear them,then chances of inviting the demons in your life are high. Look at how those ornaments are made. Some of us get deceived of the same and feel like we should look like the top stars. Am not discouraging you from using them but be cautious of the same. Otherwise we like inviting most of the troubles by implementing these poor habits. Be warned please; not all that shines is gold.

4. Parental Disagreements:

Your parents are very important in your life; thus respect for them is needed. Therefore, let us try our best and impress them where we can. Do not go against their wishes because the Bible says they are our second God's on earth. Respect them please because they can offer you a blessing or a curse.

Other habits may include drug abuse, family taboos and societal habits which are ungodly.

Finally, make it an habit of praying because the devil is slowly inheriting the universe. Be safe please and share this article to the rest of us. For more updates like this, follow my channel and get them. Thank you for reading my article too.

Content created and supplied by: RobertOnsongo (via Opera News )


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