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Five hacks to crush social anxiety (Stop being shy).

Five hacks to crush social anxiety (Stop being shy).

Hello guys, welcome to the new article of the day. There is a difference in how each of us respond to the changes in the environment.

Some of us respond to it confidently while others, actually, most of us all find it a difficult task to deal with. That is what we term as "being shy".

You all know what being shy means, you simply finds it difficult to interact with people, socially. That is why today we are bringing you these five hacks to help you improve.

You need to be that guy that is never afraid of meeting new people and interacting with them as if they are familiar.

Here are five hacks to crush social anxiety and stop being shy;

1. Reframe your nervousness.

Being nervous actually has the same symptoms as being excited. You find that the heart but rate increases and you feel like shivering or something.

So this is what you should do. It is called The nervous reframe, where you find the gut to tell yourself that you can do it.

Let's say, you want to approach a girl you like for the first time and you are shy to go and meet her.

What you should do is simply tell yourself that you are not afraid then count from three to one then start moving towards her. You will make a change.

2. Utilize your passion.

There is this question that people like asking and for shy guys, it becomes kind of difficult to answer.

The question is, "What do you like doing?". Shy guys won't know what to answer, they will tell you something like, "I like watching movies"

See, it is good you like watching movies but what you should do is to always make the conversation going.

Learn to say something like, "Not to lie to you, i like doing this and this..." And that is how the conversation gets better.

3. Make it certain.

There is always uncertainty in everything. Like, for example, you wanted to approach a girl you like, the truth is, you do not know if she will say yes or no.

But you still have to make your approach. You need to have that positivity to tell yourself that you are going to win.

That is how to be certain in everything you do in your daily basis. Just be positive and have confidence.

4. Be mysterious.

For shy guys, we always prefer talking less because we are always afraid of what we will say next.

That is why when talking to a shy guy, there are high chances he is not concentrating to what you are telling him, instead he is spending that time to think of what to tell you next.

Therefore, be different and start speaking more. Just train yourself to listen and learn to talk your mind out to keep the conversation going.

5. Do something new everyday.

They say that at the end of the day, you should be at a position to count all the things you did during the day.

This is helpful to yourself because it helps you gain confidence in yourself and in your activities.

Nothing will make you happy as realizing that you did something new today. So sit back and schedule your week and make sure you accomplish all the things you planned to do.

Those were five hacks to help you crush your social anxiety and to make you improve from being a shy person to being confident.

We hope you learned something out of it. Feel free to try each of them and get to be a different person from today.

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Content created and supplied by: Collinovidz (via Opera News )


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