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Payslip Of An Intern Nurse And Teacher Showing A Huge Salary Disparity.

The government of Kenya offers critical services like health, security and education among others.

Whereas health is largely devolved, basic education remains a function of national government with TSC retaining sweeping powers in teacher management.

This was after teachers' trade unions resisted efforts to devolve basic education to the counties.

It's over ten years down the line and we can now do a postmortem in terms of welfare of workers.

An intern nurse earns a basic salary of Ksh 38,270 and together with other allowances the total gross salary comes to Ksh 73720 per month.

This is equivalent to the gross salary of a secondary school teacher job group C3 that has worked with TSC for over 10 years under permanent and pensionable terms.

A sample Payslip of intern nurse.

On the other hand, an intern teacher employed by teachers service commission takes home a gross salary of Ksh 15000 per month.

Intern teachers aren't entitled to any allowances but are supposed to cater for NHIF contributions, NSSF and union dues.

Sample Payslip of an intern teacher.

Pay Disparities in Kenya are common but many a times teachers are on the receiving end.

The salaries and remuneration commission should do a proper job evaluation so that teachers get their fair share of the national cake.

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