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Reasons Why people cheat in a relationship

Some reasons why people cheat on their relationship can vary widely depending on the individual and their circumstances.This reasons include;

1.Lack of emotional or physical intimacy,This begin when a person feels unsatisfied in the relationship,and decided to go for another person for satisfaction.

2.Opportunity,some people cheats because of the opportunity they find with other person and this will lead to consequences.

3.Boredom,this one is special case,if someone feel boredom definitely will look for another person in order to experience something new,so in relationship don't make someone to get bored.

4.Revenge, Sometimes revenge isn't good but it's the person who make another one to do a revenge,if a person hurts another one by cheating on that person definitely that person will do a revenge to another person.So my people doing revenge is not good for person you love instead sit down and ask that person where you went wrong so that you solve it.

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