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BBI Cold Reception as Sabina Chege Lectures The Speaker Telling Him to Reject The Bill

The building bridges initiative bill was tabled before the floor of both the house of the senate and the national assembly where it received a cold reception. Most of the members of parliament and the senate seem to be tired of the process and the time that this bill has consumed neglecting them the opportunity to address other serious issues affecting the country.

In the parliament, Murang'a women representative Sabina Chege furiously lectured speaker Justine Muturi, telling him to reject the bill if It's not worth it because it has wasted a lot of time, and they should now move on with serious business.

"Mr. Speaker we need to be honest with each other, and the 47 Million Kenyans that watching us. We have wasted much time on this Bill if it is not worthy to reject the Report, and move on with Serious Business." Sabina Chege said.

Here is the video link

On the other house senator, Orengo and senator Moses Wetangula requested the speaker to adjourn the house and give to be issued with the report for them to go through it before embarking on the debate, something that shows that even most of the senators have not read the report that has been in process for such long time.

It has been the cry of people wondering how the bill is going to alleviate their current situation where they are suffering from lost jobs and deteriorated economy as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. They have been calling the government to consider the most urgent issues and pend the BBI process for a while.

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