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Raila Woken Up To A Morning Shocker As Ruto Orders Police Officers To Do This Ahead Of Demonstration

President William Ruto has requested that all police commanders avoid participating in the marches and protests that Azimio La Umoja has scheduled to launch on Monday. Azimio movement leader Raila Odinga has urged his supporters to come together in Nairobi on Monday for a protest against the administration.

It has been revealed that in order to stop the protests from gaining pace, Ruto instructed police chiefs around the nation to permit them to proceed as scheduled. As long as Raila's protests go on, authorities believe Ruto has instructed them to refrain from attempting to put an end to them.

This is reportedly one of Ruto's mental ploys to avoid speaking with Raila, according to many government insiders who spoke to the People Daily. Ruto has made it clear that he has no issue with the protests if Raila gives Kenyans assurances that there won't be a massacre.

The federal government does not condone theft, vandalism, or property destruction. Even while some people could reject the election results, law-abiding folks won't be stirred up into a revolution by this. On Wednesday, he made the announcement at the Department of State.

The newspaper asserts that he is putting worldwide pressure on Raila to call an end to the demonstrations. According to Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, who made this statement yesterday in Nakuru, the publication proves that foreign missions are being utilized to try to convince the opposition to follow orders.

In the Mazembe Grounds, Kalonzo proclaimed, "The government is using foreign embassies to mobilize the diaspora population against the Opposition and to present them in a negative light to the international community.

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