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Happening Now: A Bad Accident Involving Mbukiya Bus at Siret Area

In Kenya we loose a lot of people on road accidents every year. No one wants to loose there loved ones on accidents as all drivers across the country are urged to observe road rules.picture courtesy

Accidents are caused by the reckless of drivers, either driving while drunk or driving at high speed. NTSA is on the road to make sure drivers take maximum precaution on the roads while carrying passages.

On this year traffic police officer were told to evacuate from road blocks which the government explained that they take alot of pribes. This is after several people complained on the issue which saw all roadblocks removed, since then alot of accidents have been happening.

Happening now is that a bad accident which has involved Mbukiya bus, where 40 passengers boarding the bus escaped death. This happen after the bus lost control and rolled at siret area along Rondian - muhoroni road. The injured have been rushed to various hospital in kisumu County and Nakuru County. No death cornfirmed.source

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