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What fearless coast leaders have told Raila ahead of his rally in Mombasa

On Sunday in Mombasa, a large gathering and protest are anticipated to be led by ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

Prior to the gathering that is expected to take place at the renowned Caltex Grounds in Likoni, Raila will fly into Mombasa on Saturday.

Geoffrey Busaka, secretary general of the Mombasa ODM chapter, stated that the rally is going ahead and that they are prepared to welcome their party leader while speaking to the media at Treasury Square on Friday afternoon.

"I want to confirm that our party leader will be here on Sunday to lead us in a mega economic rally," Busaka said.

According to Busaka, the purpose of the march on Sunday is to advocate for economic reforms in the nation on behalf of all individuals who feel disenfranchised by the President William Ruto-led administration.

He urged supporters in the county to show up in huge numbers while reiterating that Mombasa is still an ODM zone.

He claimed that the ODM party does not acknowledge Ruto as president and that they think Raila's victory in the general elections of August 2022 was fraudulent.

"We will continue to question Ruto's legitimacy; we only recognize 'Baba' (Odinga) as our fifth president because we know his victory was stolen," Busaka stated.

Raila declared that he would not give up until the government complied with his demands as he inaugurated the youth-led Movement for the Protection of Democracy on Thursday in Nairobi.

This came after the government's deadline of 14 days to respond to his demands had passed on Wednesday. On Friday, he led the brigade to Migori to exert more pressure on the administration.

He was in Narok on Saturday, and the party will travel to Kilifi on Monday following the Mombasa demonstration. On March 20, Nairobi is anticipated to host a massive protest.

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