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Egerton University Management Plans to Sack Lectures, Scraps 5 Degree Courses

Egerton University has announced a plan to sack lecturers and scrap five-degree courses they are taking in university as the plan in restructuring the institution's development.

While addressing the media, Egerton University Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaac Kibwage said the move will also play a key role in enhancing financial stability of the institution while countering risks, such as frequent strikes.

He said that the university will restrict hiring to critical departments and trim more courses from the current 324 with more focus on engineering, medicine and IT.

The moves are aimed at easing the university’s cash-flow hitches that have seen it default on statutory deductions like Pay As You Earn (PAYE), NHIF, NSSF and payment of insurance premiums for its staff with debts surpassing billions of money.

“We were offering more than 500 courses, but we cut these to 300, but we can still push them down. The senate is engaging to see which ones we continue to downsize so that we focus where we have a competitive edge as a university,” he said.

In a session with journalists, Kibwage also said the institution had issued a notice to declare some positions redundant to cut the wage bill.

This includes scrapping some degree courses that have failed to attract enough students to sustain them despite having hired lecturers for them.

He, however, defended the decision, noting that majority of the courses admitted fewer students while some did not have any applicants at all. That was despite the university allocating resources for the admission.

“There are two different reasons why we removed the programs. One of the things I said is the through put. The number of students you are graduating and when you look at it, you are incurring more costs than what we are collecting. Others have not admitted students for some time,” he pointed out. 

“The intention is still there. When we were charged for contempt, we were told if we don't have money, we lay off people. The train has left the station, but there are steps to be followed as we are the right size. Our current workforce is at 1,457 people,” he added.

“It is true, we are hiring new staff. Some lecturers have exited like any other institution. Where there are no replacements in the current system, we have to hire new people,” said Kibwage.

The management has also been accused of unfairly targeting union leaders with disciplinary proceedings for leading industrial action among the workers.

“There are rules that govern every institution. The fact that you are a unionist does not allow you to break the rules. They are first employees of the university before they become union leaders,” said Kibwage.

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