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How Intelligence On IED Bomb Saved Kalonzo's Deputy From Alleged Assassination Attempt During Rally

Farah Maalim who is the Wiper deputy party leader managed to escape an improvised explosive device (IED) bomb planted on the road. This occurred on Thursday, July 28 during a campaign rally in Garissa County. Farah Maalim alleged that the improvised explosive device targeted his caravan which was on the way to Liboi region.

However, details say that a section of Security Officers managed to gathered intelligence concerning the planted improvised explosive device. The hawk-eyed team security officers then managed to halted Farah Maalim's convoy from triggering the IED device.

The officers then rerouted Maalim's motorcade to a safe detour. The security team then engaged the services of bomb disposal experts who then detonated the IED device.

"Our hawk-eyed security officers got intelligence information of IEDs planted in my campaign route to Liboi. They halted my convoy. They then detonated the IEDs with ease," Maalim stated

After the IED detonated the bomb experts, it left a huge crater on the road.

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