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Pregnancy period

What It Is Like Being A Young Mother To A Child Living With Disability

My name is Christine and am about to share with you how hard it is to be a mother to a child living with disability.

I met the father of my child in 2016 and one thing led to another and I conceived in early 2018.

I can't say that I was eager to be a mother considering I was 19 at the time but I decided not to terminate the pregnancy. The father of my kid decided to abandon us when I was just 6 months pregnant but I knew I had to be strong for my unborn baby.

I was really afraid of going back home because I didn't know how my mother would react to me being pregnant so I decided to become a house maid so as to be able to provide for my child.

To cut the long story short , my son was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy , that left him unable to walk but all in all , I thank God for seeing us through every hardship we went through.

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