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Breaking: Big Blow To Kalonzo and Mudavadi as KANU names Gideon as their sole presidential candidate

Seems there's a Looming trouble in the newly formed OKA as affiliate party KANU names Gideon as their sole presidential candidate. This announcement comes after Kalonzo and Mudavadi also claim the same seat.

There have been inside reports that Gideon is already on his way to form an alliance with Raila Odinga. This is after the Mount Kenya Foundation urged their torn down their ambitions to support Odinga's presidential bid.

According to Luka Mbati, Gideon Moi will be flying their party's presidential ticket to statehouse. This move is speculated to be going to cause further rift in the alliance.

With few months to general elections Mudavadi and Kalonzo will be left in the cold to formulate another winning team after blatantly refusing to back Odinga. What are your thoughts. Do you think Gideon is capable of taking this country to the next level? Share your thoughts through the comments section and remember to like share and follow.

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