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Kenyans Reacts After Protesting Traders Scamper for Safety after Police Swing Into Action

A portion of Kenyans have criticized local vendors who today protested outside of government buildings in support of Lei Cheng, a Chinese businessman who runs China Square.

The police officers sent in to control the traders who marched to the heart of Nairobi to denounce the "unfair" business practices of their Chinese rivals were violent with them.

On February 28, local small business owners gathered in the city to march to the Deputy President's office for a meeting.

Police officers were called in earlier today to control traders holding demonstrations in the CBD.

In an effort to speak with the vice president about alleged unfair business practices by their competitors, the traders marched to his office.

They were seen fleeing for their lives as the cops pursued them. Kenyans as a whole have reprimanded the traders who today protested China Square on the city's streets in Nairobi.

Several claimed that the sellers were extorting Kenyans by charging exorbitant rates for items at a time when the country's residents were already struggling to make ends meet.

Other Kenyans, however, did not share the sellers' sympathy and chastised them, telling them to cut the pricing of their wares and defend the customers.

Here are some of the opinions Kenyans expressed online in relation to the controversial subject:

Mistress said: "Traders from Kamukunji,Gikomba and Nyamakima should know that they are not protesting against China Invasion. They are protesting against common mwananchi who wants to buy products at an affordable price."

Calisto Bob said "Welcome to Kenya, where people demonstrate when prices are low and gives the government time when prices are high."

Jeff Ombasa said: "Thanks be to this china square. They have made me realize how these nyamakima and kamukunji guys have been swindling us."

Lynnette Musembi "Competition is good for business. If they feel threatened, they need to up their game."

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