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I Took a Loan Gave It To The Pastor To Secure A Miracle For Me And Now Am Broke, Narrates One Woman

Many pastors have shown up others saying that they do perform miracles. You can find alot of people looking for such kind of pastors to perform a miracle for them. The Bible says that be aware about the false prophets who might come up performing miracles in my name which is not true.

The same has happened to one Nairobian woman from Kibera. She has narrated no how she got a loan worthy fifteen thousand and gave it to a pastor whom she was told was so powerful to secure a financial miracle to her. The woman said that she was struggling to make ends meet, so she wanted a financial breakthrough.

The woman identified as Evaline took fifteen thousand as a loan from a friend and took it to the pastor hoping that she will get a financial breakthrough. She is now is a shock after she learnt that the loan is amounting due to unpaid interest and no miracle she has received yet. She learnt that she was conned long ago and she was wondering where to get the money to refund.

"I have no idea how I'll pay the money back and my friend stopped talking to me. Things have become so difficult I have lost all hope," she lamented.

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