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Opinion: Did A Phone Call Deny Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia A Chance Of Becoming The Chief Justice?

Yesterday the judicial service commission nominated Martha Koome as the new Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya and her name forwarded to the president for appointment. Today the president forwarded her name to the Parliament and if she is approved, she will be the first female Chief Justice of Kenya.

But Among the people who were interviewed was one man Fred Ngatia whose CV was massive in terms of experience. Most Kenyans thought that he might be the person to be selected for the job. But things turned out different. Martha Koome was selected instead.

Following that decision by the judicial service commission, Senior Council Fred Ngatia today allegedly said that the four commissioners from the larger Mt Kenya region reduced his scores yesterday in the afternoon after they were allegedly contacted by a powerful person. Senior Council Ngatia also stated that if it were not for the phone call, he was way ahead of his competitors in terms of marks.

In my considered opinion, Fred Ngatia was the most qualified among the contestants. Although I would have hoped he gets the job, I also hold the idea that the JSC would have picked a person from a different community instead of picking someone from the GEMA nation. I don't know what you think. Are you satisfied with the appointment of Lady Justice Martha Koome?

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