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Technology Development That Will Amaze The World In The Next Decade.

Technology is the science put in practical use to evaluate problems or invent useful tools.The world is currently under competition in technology and every country is trying to thrive inorder to be updated with the current development in technology which involves the following;

1.True Artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is the method of making computers think like human beings.

Ai involves game playing ,neutral networks, development of expert system to make decision in real life situation. For Ai to be effective the knowledge of machine language and programming is highly required as system only understands machine language.

2.Cyber Security.

Due to the increased threat in business as information of different organization is not protected, cyber security provides confidentiality,integrity and availability.

This is done to protect the interest of the business and increase their demand in the market.

3.Digital platforms.

Digital platform like facebook has enabled communication all over the world.

E-commerce, E-learning and networking has been made effective due to development of digital platform that are cost effective and reliable.


Robots have became more intelligent ever to the extent that are able to perform different types of work without any error.

They are able to work with human beings in different industries efficiently thus becoming one of the most development in technology.

5.Unmanned aerial vehicles and drones.

This are aircrafts that are automatically driven using computers .They do not require a driver or to be piloted.

Apparently,they are can be used to monitors areas by the military ,fire fighting forces making it effective.

Everyone has the potential and ability to explore the field of technology, only commitment and research can lead to more development.

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