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Vera Sidika in Hot Soup After Failing to Pay This Amount to Her Service Providers on Her Baby Shower


Vera Sidika has recently warmed many netizens hearts by announcing her pregnancy on her social media accounts, though she didn't reveal the gender at first, yesterday she did so at Karen .

During the party, it was revealed that she is expecting a baby girl with her husbae Brown Mauzo who was not in attendance during the party. Though as it is expected there's an alleged scandal that she didn't pay her service provider.

According to Akuku danger, Vera called him to provide her party with sound which was abit urgent according to him and was paid kenya shillings 10,000 and was to be paid the remaining 5k upon getting to the venue.


Akuku danger explains that when he got to the venue he was never paid even after providing the service until 9pm when he opted to ask her before the curfew hours. Vera on the other hand harassed him and his team till 1am after curfew hours and ended up not paying them.

However, Akuku has gone ahead to say that he is calling her so that he can also pay his team since the money he was paid couldn't be enough as he explained on his long post. The question is can Vera not be able to pay 5k only.


Netizens have also requested Akuku danger to solve the matter in private not to involve social media in laws for that matter.


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