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Eric Omondi Shamed By Jacque Maribe In Phone Interview, As He's Unable To Answer Questions About Son

IEric Omondi has recently been exposed for allegedly being a deadbeat father, by his baby mama, Jacque Maribe.

However, the comedian has went on to cause more controversy by organizing some sought of 'patanisho' episode.

Hence, Eric and Maribe, were supposed to use the interview to talk and settle their differences after the comedian was exposed for being a deadbeat dad.

During the phone interview hosted by online YouTuber Mungai Eve, Eric Omondi was bemused by the reports of him being a deadbeat father.

The comedian stated that he indeed took care of his son, prompting Jacque Maribe, to ask him a series of personal questions, about his son, which the comedian was unable to answer.

For Instance, Eric did not know the location of where Jacque Maribe and his son were currently living in after they moved out recently.

The comedian also did not know the exact school in which his son studied.

In addition to that, Eric Omondi was accused of not being in contact enough with his seven year old son.

He however defended himself, claiming that he had bought his son a phone and a sim card which they could use to communicate.

However, Maribe, hit back, questioning Omondi's decision to buy his son a phone, instead of spending more time with him.

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