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2 Kenyan Male Celebrities Confused To Be Women

Sometimes how we dress either as a male or female matters a lot. Our dress code can be used against us if we are not careful of what we wear. And I think that's where the phrase, ' You are addressed according to how you dress' chips in.

With the advancement of technology, many males have opted to dress like women just to attract more followers, customers or even the media's attention. Or do I call it clout chasing?

In this article, we shall discuss two males who if they dress up like a woman, you will think they are one. From make-ups to hairstyle to their type of clothes. Those that netizens have mistaken them to be ladies instead of gents because of their looks.

1. Dennis Karuri

Karuri is a make up artist who has taken over the Cosmetic industry by storm. Infact his way of make up is better than anyone else's who is a female in the industry.

I know of several times people have called him a woman because of how he looks. Even his hairstyles and photo poses meets all the qualities of a woman.

Doesn't he look like a she? I know you too are confused but he is a man who knows how to play well with eyeshadow, eye lashes and pods, lipstick and earrings.

2. TikToker Kevin Kinuthia

We all know that TiK Toker Kevin Kinuthia is a male through his social media handles. But did you know that if he gets to wear women clothes you will not know his gender?

For instance, in the pictures above, don't you think you would call him a she if you really don't know him well? He has been severally blasted for cross-dressing.

Who among the two celebs looks deceived you most? What do you think of this article?

Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

Content created and supplied by: JoyceMwendeN (via Opera News )


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