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5 surprising things that Kenyan Pilots are not allowed to do

In order to be allowed to fly a plane, you must go through some tough and very expensive education. This is one of the best paying jobs in the world and also a classy job. Many people dream of becoming pilots when they are young but in reality, it is not as easy. The classy job comes with a few restrictions and today we talk about those restrictions.

1. Meals.

Kenyan pilots are not allowed to eat the same exert dish. This is meant to prevent both the pilots developing complications. Imagine been mid air and the only two people with the knowledge of how to guide you to safe landing, rushing in and out of the washrooms.

2. Washrooms.

The cockpit must have two people at all times. This means that when a pilot is off to the washroom, he must call in a member of the cabin crew to stay with the other pilot in the cockpit. This is meant to ensure that if the pilot left in the cockpit becomes incapacitated, the cabin crew member can perform a first aid procedure or call the second pilot back.

3. Taking Naps mid air.

When taking long flights, the pilots are allowed to take controlled naps. Once the plane is cruising up above, they can engage auto pilot and take a nap. They have to coordinate using verbal confirmations to ensure that at least one of them is alert and awake while the other is napping.

4. Music.

Many people like to listen to music to pass time. This is a privilege that the pilots do not get to enjoy as music is banned in the cockpit. Even when the plane is 40,000 feet above and autopilot is on, pilots can not pass time listening to their favorite artists but can pass time sharing stories.

Once the plane is below 10,000 feet the pilots are not allowed to chit chat. This height is critical when the plane is either landing or taking off. The captains must focus on controlling the plane till it lands or achieve cruising heights.

5. Growing hair.

Captains are not allowed to grow a thick beard. The beards can interfere with the working of an oxygen mask. Planes have an in-built system to help everyone on board breath normally but in rare cases, use of oxygen mask is needed.

Those are five things that Kenyans pilot are not allowed to do and expected to do while at the job.

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