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Category Of Candidates Who Have Finished Exam As It Enters Homestretch

The Kenya certificate of secondary education 2020 is vital in placing students into various courses Universities and colleges by universities and colleges placement board.

The final exam for form fours is set to end on April 22 when technical exams such as Homescience and computer will be done.

So far, all compulsory subjects ie English, mathematics, Kiswahili, chemistry and biology have already been done including practicals.

During last year's chemistry practical, teachers complained about a certain chemical that was used.

The chemical was said to cause dizziness. However, this year there wasn't such complain from teachers.

Student who have finished exams

As others continue doing exams, there are categories of candidates who have already finished all there papers whereby some have been spotted boarding vehicles with boxes and mattresses.

Students who do history and CRE together with the aforementioned compulsory Subjects are out of the KNEC tentacles having cleared all the seven papers.

A sample of KNEC time table

Candidates in Busia were seen boarding vehicles imediately after the exams meaning that they had long prepared for this day leaving behind their ' unlucky friends' to continue with the remaining papers.

A majority of those remaining chose 8 subjects. Tomorrow the candidates will tackle physics paper one and geography paper one.

The exam is being done at a time when five counties are under lockdown following the upsurge of COVID-19 cases.

Principals were directed to facilitate movement of students in and out of the disease infected counties after the exams whereby they need special passes.

All the best to those who are remaining and to those who've finished, take care. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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