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"I'm Sorry" Harmonize Apologizes To Sarah

Harmonize kneels to apologize to his wife, Sarah through a song he says will be on his next album.

Konde Boy said he was saddened by the woman (Sarah) who gave him 4 years of his life, as he was owning his shortcomings "We went through a lot but enough to say I turned to Art".

The singer added that she would be foolish to continue to hide and deny her own blood (daughter Zuuh Konde).

Posting an Instagram video of part of his live performance available exclusively via the instagram platform, the singer wrote:

I'm sorry is the only Word I can use to one of the Beautiful Woman 👩 She Gave Me 4 (4) Years Of Her Life And I Gave Her (4) My We Went A Lot But Enough To Say I Surveyed Art .. !!! Until God Decided to Bring Me My First Baby @zuuh_konde And Ndo Became The End Of Our Journey Together LOVE & RESPECT 👸 AND THIS ONE IS FOR YOU ... !!! IN MY NEXT ALBUM. ”

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