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Africa CDC signs a deal to fight diseases in Kenya

The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) has signed a deal with the Kenyan government to fight diseases in the country and the wider region. The deal will involve the establishment of a regional centre for disease surveillance and response in Kenya, which will work closely with the Africa CDC to monitor disease outbreaks and respond quickly to contain them.

The agreement is expected to boost Kenya's capacity to prevent, detect and respond to disease outbreaks, as well as improve the country's preparedness for public health emergencies. The centre will also support the development of regional policies and guidelines on disease surveillance and response, as well as the training of health workers in the region.

The Africa CDC has been working with countries across the continent to strengthen their public health systems and enhance their ability to respond to disease outbreaks. This latest deal with Kenya is part of a wider effort to build a strong network of disease surveillance and response centres across Africa, to help prevent and contain outbreaks of infectious diseases such as Ebola, cholera and COVID-19.

In conclusion, the agreement between the Africa CDC and the Kenyan government is a positive step towards improving disease surveillance and response in the country and the wider region. It is hoped that this partnership will help to build a strong and resilient public health system in Kenya and contribute to the broader effort to combat infectious diseases across Africa.

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