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Employers asked to retain private security guards by Union (KNPSWU)

The government has been trying it's best to balance the Corona virus pandemic and the state's economy,as it has chipped in to reduce tax and giving additional funds so as to see that Kenyans comfortably fight the Covid-19 virus war.

The government had urged employers to retain their workers especially the private firms as sucking them may lead to more criminal cases in the country. 

Unfortunately some firms have had the gats to write termination letters to their employees in defence of the economy crisis following the outbreak of the pandemic.

The Kenya National Private Security Workers Union Secretary General Isaac Andabwa has come to the defence of his Union members by telling employers to avoid laying off Security workers. This is after Wells Fargo firm issued some of their staff with termination letters until further notice.Sec. general Isaac Andabwa

Andabwa is to meet with various security firms and discuss on how they will manage the situation. He gave a reason that most of the security guards were paid pea nuts and if they are laid off and sent home it may engage them to criminal activities in the society,"Most of these security guards earn peanuts and any decision to sack them will result them into engaging in criminal activities,' he said.Andabwa addressing security guards in a past breef meeting.

''You are aware that the Government's intention is to strive and retain jobs notwithstanding corona virus pandemic. We therefore need to balance between Corona pandemic and the livelihood of our members (security guards ),” said Andabwa.

The government has put up some measures to reduce the income tax rate (P.A.Y.E), residence income tax from 30 percent to 25 percent and turnover tax from 2 percent to 1 percent for limited and micro enterprises; so as to see that firms don't sack their employees.

Additional of 10 billion has been appropriated to help the elderly, orphans and the poor all over the country. 

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