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What is your purpose?

Many a times we are grappled by a very short but difficult question to answer; What is your purpose on this earth? So tasking is this question that most people go into defensive and anxiety mode when it is posed. One Vince Lombardi said that success demands singleness of purpose, if we consider this then it is clear that purpose is a recipe for success. The burning question therefore is; how do you identify your purpose? Allow me to present you with 5 D's that can answer this question

The 5 D's of knowing your purpose

Discovering what you want

The journey of discovery is one that has no formula or timeline, one thing is for certain though, it is the most important of the 5 D's. How do you discover what you want? Listen to yourself. yes, you read that right, Listen to yourself. How do you do this? Pay attention to your moods and emotions when you expose yourself to various settings, take note of the places, activities or people that spark a deep interest in you, more often than not, it or they are connected to your purpose.

Dream your discovery

It is said dreams have meanings, and while we do not remember all our dreams, those that we do remember are very defining and significant. If you notice a pattern in the themes of your dreams, take it down and do a comparison with what you were able to discover in D1

Designing the discovery

This is D3, by the time you are at this step, your purpose is clearer than it was in the beginning, you have been able to discover your purpose, (D1) you have been able to dream it (D2) and now you need to design it. How do you do this? By researching on your discovered purpose and planning on how to execute it. You can consult individuals who have a bit experience in the field of your purpose and get some insights

Decision making

This is the final D, it entails making a choice to fulfill your purpose, it is not an easy stage since more often than not our discovered purposes require us to step out of our comfort zones in order to achieve them. This is why you need to soul search and make a decision on whether you will dedicate to achieving your purpose or not.

Finally, i will leave you with a quote by Simon Foster which says; "Knowing your life purpose is the first step towards living a truly conscious life. A life purpose provides us with a clear goal, a set finish line that you truly want to reach"

I wish you a purposeful life ahead even as you strive to identify your purpose.

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