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New Twist as Sabina Chege Reveals What Uhuru Has 'Been Suffering From' That Has Costed Jubilee Party

When word spread that former President Uhuru Kenyatta had been struggling with indecision, the entire country was taken aback. Parliamentary nominee Sabina Chege blamed this for the Jubilee Party's continued problems, saying that it was the reason why the party had shrunk from a political behemoth to a much smaller one.

The new leader of the Ruto-supporting Jubilee Party, Chege, said that the outgoing president has been unable to defend either himself or the organization he helped create. Instead, he has betrayed Jubilee by handing control of the party to ODM leader Raila Odinga, creating a schism inside the party and causing the people to lose faith in him.

Chege defended her defection by saying that members of Raila's Azimio La Umoja coalition had no place in Jubilee. Jubilee needed to forge new relationships that were more in line with its guiding principles.

Without strong and clear leadership, the Jubilee Party is unlikely to recover its former political influence and popularity. There needs to be a shift, both in terms of leadership and strategy. That's the only way Jubilee can regain its former political prominence and command the support of the people.

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