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10 Things That may happen to us by 2050

As we all understand that the world is changing due to technology and other factors. We cannot help it but to imagine how thing will be like in by 2050, here are some of the changes that might occur

1. Robotic prosthetic that can be controlled by the mind will become popular and also bioengineered skin grafts that will look like a real skin will become a thing

2. Most of us in the world will begin to use Wi-Fi to charge our devices where by the number of connected devices per person might become 9.5. The use of passwords might decrease because most computers will be able to brute force human generated passwords, it will stay as a second option but if used as a first, it might trigger an alarm

3. The world population will reach over 8 million people; some people around the world might be rated according to the environmental choices of purchase, food, transportation and practices at home. This will leave footprints that will give us benefits and calculated taxes

4. More electric car will be sol where sales might increase to over 7 million vehicles. Also some countries might start banning those cars that use fuel there by making electric cars mandatory

5. New train technology will be introduced making trains travel 3 times faster than airplanes. On the other hand, vehicles will have vehicle to vehicle communication; they will share information like the status of the car, speed, heading and brakes.

6. Scientists might be able to erase and even store memories in the human brain; people will be focused on new implants that will give them the chance to upgrade their senses by detecting more signals

7. Gadgets and computers will be smaller in size having amazing storage and power capacity. Some devices might even sport gesture interface and become holographic

8. Artificial intelligence will be widely used starting from AI police to AI surgeons. Also the technology will help you taste different types of flavors through AI technology; they will be kept in digital archives.

9. Due to the significant rise in sea level, there might be tidal flooding in 2045; this could force people out of their homes. Over highly populated cities, sky farms might be built to add more environmental benefit; some of these benefits include cleaner air, energy and purified water

10. By 2050, population in planet mars will have reached 1 million people, there will be flying cars, there will be over 9.7 billion people in the world, 2 billion won’t have regular food or good source of water and air pollution will affect the life span of humans

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