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SK Macharia Of Royal Media Gifted A Range Rover

Samuel Kamau Macharia was born in 1942. He is the Kenyan founder and chair of Royal Media Services, the largest private radio and television network in Kenya.

Purity Gathoni Macharia gifted him with a Range Rover as a birthday gift. In a video that has gone viral Gathoni held her husband's hand as they made way out of their multi-million mansion. A group of people believed to be close family members, followed the couple closely as they sang a happy birthday song for Macharia.

This excite twitter users who were concerned on how Macharia was not even excited.

"At 79 machines don't excites you, by the age you've learnt that all is vanity and that the shinny guzzler will outlive you. Material comfort hardly matters," Bruno wrote in his twitter account.

"Kenyan rich elites are still to learn how to use wealth for betterment of humanity. They flaunt it in face of the poor, homeless and the sick," Simon Musalia who was not excited on the move. However he was answered by Daniel which had to say this;

"It's actually their hard work! Let's flip in this way while can the poor flaunt their poverty in the face of wealthy for betterment of humanity? Just wondering si makosa ya mwingine vile mwingine yupo,"

The Nobert had to comment that it potrays how love is solely wealth based and not love based.

"Clearly shows that the marriage has been solely wealth based not love based,"

Macharia is married to Purity Gathoni Macharia and they have six children (two girls and four boys). Gathoni is a sister to former Kenyan Cabinet Minister Njeru Githae and Syracuse University professor Micere Githae Mugo

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