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5 Reasons Why Kenya is One of the Most Famous Countries in the World.

PHOTO: Upper Hill Nairobi.

In the past years, Kenya as a country has remained to be the most famous country not only in Africa but in the world. It's not easy the name of a small country to be Know in all corners of the world. But this name Kenya, is know in the world like any other name of super powerful country like United States of America. There are recent happenings that proves that Kenya is the most successful County in East Africa. And it's battling the more advanced economies like Nigeria and South Africa. Actually, the two counties sees Kenya as the main rivals economically.

The countries surrounding Kenya, have recently shown their envy loudly especially when Kenya is showing the world that they are capable of something, some even deny their brother Kenya a support. It's is clear that they are not feeling well with their big brother who is working hard to raise the standards of their young brother. It's true that this happens, though it's also clear that, when you are more successful, people may tend to feel jealousy of you. It's normal and we have to accept that. There are some few reasons, that Kenya will always remain to be the king of East Africa. Some of them I will discuss them below:

1.The Maturity of Kenya in international relations.

We have had Kenya coming out to help their neighbors several times. We can start from Somalia, And their internal insecurities especially from Al shabaab group. Even though USA tried at the past to bring about peace in Somalia, its the intervention of Kenyan government that has brought peace in Somalia. Kenya stood with their young brother despite the impact of the terrorist group in their own territory. No other East Africa country did so. But the Somali government recently provoked Kenyan government due to disagreements of their borders and Somali was ready to fight back. But it's was and it remains to be the cool reaction of the government of Kenya that, the conflicts was not such serious.

During the internal conflicts of Southern Sudan, Kenya stood and has continued to support S.Sudan to regain their peace and strength of brotherhood.

Kenyan government, once has conflicts with Uganda Government over the Migingo island, which is totally a Kenyan territory. But Kenya acted low and without much battle, ignored the issue.

Recently, Kenya has had some small disagreements with Tanzania's late president, Magufuli. Its very clear that, Kenya had no interest with such conflicts, Kenya has always stood up for peace. The conduct of Kenya with her neighbors has shown that Kenya is a mature country that loves peace.

This is not being coward, this is an act of maturity, and the maturity of the Kenyan government will always put them in a position to be seen by the people from all parts of the world as the peaceful destination.

2.Geographical position.

PHOTO: Mombasa's India Ocean

The geographic position of Kenya in relation to other East Africa countries, has given her an opportunity to develop more than any other country in the region. It's through the port of Mombasa that most inland and landlocked countries are served from. This is one thing that has placed Kenya in a position higher than others and it has brought more energy in tourist industry.

3. Mature democracy in Kenya.

"Demokrasia ni nidhamu tunataka kuona kutoka kwa serikali." This kiswahili words describe the exact words most Citizens of the East African countries speak each day. But in Kenya, Democracy is more mature than in any other country in the region. It's the only country where citizens have been given more freedom to question anybody including the president. It's the only country mature than America in terms of freedom. This enables Kenya to amaizingly surprise the world of the freedom they have given their citizens. Every East African wishes and thinks of Kenya as their dream home. This translates into a free world to any foreigners to trade, and live anywhere in Kenya. This has brought more prosperity to Kenya.

4. Famous Name "Kenya."

PHOTO: Part of The capital city of Kenya. Nairobi.

Kenya, has been the most famous name in the world for decades. This is due to the nature of the fomous people it produces in the world. From the first African president of United States of America, President Barack Obama, who is proud of Kenya has is home, to the most famous Athletes like Eliud Kipchoge and Kipchoge Keino. These are some of the most famous people in the world. Therefore, Kenya has produced most famous people in the world than any other country in Africa. This has helped Kenya to be in a position to be recognized easily and therefore attracting many world rich people to invest in the country.

5. Internet and Innovation.

Kenya is among the countries in the world, whose innovation has changed the world. You can't talk about internet and Innovation in Africa, without mentioning Kenya. Most famous used innovation in the world that was a product of Kenya, is mobile Money transfer and mobile banking. This is widely used in all parts of the world. There is no country without such wireless money transfer. This is the most famous Kenyan found innovation the world recons. But more are yet to come as this is not the only innovation in the country. Recently, a Kenyan citizen discovered a wireless charger? Do you believe that? Most of you will only believe when the innovation is in use.

6. The Accelerating Economy

PHOTO: The projected tallest building in Africa. Britam Towers, Upper Hill Nairobi.

The economy of Kenya is tremendously growing fast among the East Africa countries. This as set an example for other neighboring countries to work hard and this as seen the region growing together. Actually, East Africa community is the fastest growing economy at the moment in Africa. Thanks to their big brother Kenya. Countries like Tanzania and Rwanda has shown that they are ready to compete with Kenya economically. The creation of 47 counties has shown tremendous amount of development in all regions. And this direction is a good one that will push Kenya to be a developed country in the near future.

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