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How Mismanagement Of Borrowed Funds Is Haunting The Country

The Kenyan government's appetite for loans has come back to haunt our economy. The government has been borrowing mercilessly from international bodies to fund various projects and activities in the country.

The government therefore has to look for ways to get money to pay back the loans. In that case , the government has to inflict taxes to Kenyans so as to raise the required amount of money to give back to the lenders.

The recent rise in fuel prices is one of the many ways the government of Kenya is looking for means to get funds . The money which was borrowed, however did not do projects which would create revenue to the government. Most of the funds were used to buy drugs , to prevent disasters as well as other activities which could not give something in return.

Some of the money was mismanaged by government officials through corruption and theft of public funds. The actions of the current Jubilee administration is a danger to the upcoming generation who must pay the loans to the lenders.

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