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'Mtu Hawezienjoy Life' Atwoli's Daughter Reacts After Receiving Dad's 5 Missed Calls While Clubbing

Many of you might have seen COTU boss Francis Atwoli and his 25 years old daughter Mariah who recently graduated from the School of Law. Apparently, the father and daughter have maintained closeness and we often see how Mariah jokes from time to time with Atwoli just to prove that their bond is so strong or rather unbreakable.

Now today, we have just received yet another post from Mariah's social media platforms reacting after she found out that her dad had called her five times last night. According to her post, Mariah was out clubbing with her friends as they enjoy nice moments and it seems like her father Atwoli was so insecure about the issue. Atwoli kept on calling but she never received any of his calls. When she came back home today, she was quick to jokingly ask her dad via the post if it was a mistake to enjoy life in this Nairobi. Mariah was quick to remind her dad that she's 25 years of age meaning she's responsible enough and that the dad should let her enjoy youthful moments. Fans however reacted reminding Mariah that the streets of Nairobi aren't safe that's why her dad was concerned last night. Source, TUKO.

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