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The Benefits Of Practicing Pig Farming In Kenya

Pigs are one of the most efficient animals that can be raised to produce meat.Over 80 percent of pig's body is usable meat and they require a little space to keep and maintain.The following are some reasons why you should keep pigs in your homesteads;

1.They can turn leftovers into pork.

Pigs can feed almost on everything starting the leftovers to unsavory garden produce that would otherwise be wasted.The pigs can make our homesteads eco-friendly by feeding on the wastes that are left lying in our compounds.

2.Garden Preparation.

The pigs can till and prepare land for planting.The pigs root up soil with their noses which save on labour when cultivating.

3.Higher Quality Meat.

Raising pigs for the production of pork help farmers to save because the cost of buying the same pork at a butchery would be expensive.The pigs that are kept at home will produce high quality meat when the farmer controls what the pigs eat.

4.Free Fertilizers.

The pigs manure can greatly add to the value of the soil in the garden.When pigs are allowed to roam around your garden they excrete waste products. When these wastes dry up they will increase the fertility content of the soil.

5.Easy To House.

Pigs do not require a big amount of commercial pigs are kept in small holdings where they barely have enough space to turn.The farmer can make their pen to any size that they want.Pigs are often happy in open areas or woodlands.

2.Small Time Commitment.

These animals do not require a lot of commitment as long as they have enough food and water.The farmer can even leave them unmonitored for days when there is enough food present. There is no daily chores when it comes to pig farming.They can only be checked to make sure they are healthy.

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