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Similarity Between Astra Zeneca Vaccine & Contraceptives

Contraceptive pills and Astrazeneca pill contains some key similarities by description and actualization.They are as follows:

Prevention role

Both contraceptives and vaccine are purposefully used and aimed at preventing something. In the case of a contraceptive it's role is to prevent implantation, ovulation and fertilization in females while vaccine act as an agent to create antibodies to fight the respective desease.

Fake Perception To Fight Back

Vaccines role is to fake the body into believing that it has the desease already and to create no room for the respective deasease host to attack the body. In the case of Astra zeneca is a Covid 19 agent aimed to trick the body into believing that has Covid so as to create no room for the actual virus. Contraceptive too act as an agent which sole purpose is to trick the women biological system into believing that it is carrying a pregnancy so as not to allow room for any other pregnancy.

Injection Conception

Both Astra zeneca and Contraceptives are obtained through injection into the human system. 

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