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Consider These Short Marketable Courses


Programming is a good course that will enable you to gain skills in the modern world. Most of the tasks in companies are being digitalized to increase efficiency. I person with these programming skills will be able to operate a computer by feeding it with codes that will make the computer to understand certain functions.

Programming is a course that does not require you to be in class for years. It is a course that may take a month and you will have coding skills that will enable you to work for a company. This is a course which is marketable across the globe.

2.Digital Marketing.

Online shopping is another trend in the world. Many shops are now going online where you order and the commodities is brought right to your door. Since COVID-19 pandemic, many people realized that shopping can go online. This was due to restrictions that were put in place to prevent crowding of people in towns. At this time, many companies have established online platforms where clients may order goods. This platforms need a person with digital selling skills hence you should consider taking this course.

3.Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This is a great course to study for internet skills. If you study this course alongside your main course, trust me, that you will not miss to get an online side hustle.

Many are thinking that this so skills is only meant for marketers and publishers which is not the case. You can use this skill to expand on your profession. If you are a teacher, don't let your skills to be limited to class alone. Open your own website and place your teaching materials there to help students you cannot reach them physically. With this knowledge of search engine optimization, your article will reach many readers who will add up to your payment.

4.Project Management.

Any company that has expanded need project managers who will always determine all the cost of premises and all commodities moving into the organization. For a project to be implemented in an organization, there must be a project manager who will determine this implementation in terms of company's financial ability.


This course does not require much explanation as it is most popular course. Every organization deals with money. A person who can be employed to handle this money is an accountant whose profession is accounting. This will suggest to you that with the continuous establishment of various organizations, this course becomes more marketable.


Hairdressing is a marketable course as people in the modern world wants their hair to be neat. This is a course that will enable a person to be self employed provided there is capital. Having hairdressing skills will enable one to have a part time job that will increase earnings. A person with this skills and do not have capital can just seek employment and will get without much waiting.

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