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How too much or too little Bedroom Sessions Affects Woman's Chances of Getting Pregnant


After getting a happy and joyful marriage, it is always a dream of every couples to get a child as a way of not only bounding their marriage but it also as a way of extending this happiness and joy.

Unlike many people may think, a woman getting pregnant is not an easy task. In other words, it is not all about having sex-ual intercourse, it depends as when and how frequent you do it.

Having too much bedroom sessions is one of the ways that affect the chances of a woman being able to conceive. Too much of it not only decreases a man's sperms vigor and but also decreases a man's energy and desire for sex_ual activity. This lowers his performance during the woman's fertile window, hence a woman may miss her opportunity to conceive.

On the other hand, too little bedroom sessions also affect the chances of a woman conceiving since she may miss the fertile window of the ovulation due to irregularity of ovulation periods.

To increase the chances of getting pregnant, the couples should have frequent bedroom sessions, and most importantly earlier, during and after ovulation period.

Meanwhile, how do you that a woman is ready to get pregnant?

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