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3 Reasons Why Single Ladies Love Married Men

In several studies and surveys done, women are more likely to be attracted to a married man, this is because they are, mature, experienced and more sophisticated than bachelors. From observations, provision of basic needs is one of the major reasons why ladies tend to prefer married men to single ones.


This is the first and most common reason why ladies go after married men. They believe that they appear to be more matured than their unmarried counterparts, and this is probably the reason why women are more free whenever they are around them than when they are around bachelors. One of the assertions is that they've made related to maturity, is that they know how to handle difficult situations.


Women assume that married men are unproblematic since they just want to flex and vibe with you, they don't have time to start asking unnecessary questions.

Financially independent and caring

The usual slag that ladies use for this is, spoil you, with their money and take proper care of you. As compared to bachelors who don't even have enough money to take care of themselves. This particular attribute is by far the most important reason.

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