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What Dr. Gakara Did To His Wife On Friday And What He Was Planning For Sunday

New developments are coming up following the tragic Nakuru murder and attempted suicide event that has disgusted many. This comes after a loving doctor decided to finish her own children with insulin drugs over issues that are yet to be identified. Everyone is in total darkness since nothing has been identified that could have caused hard feelings in Dr. Gakara's mind.

This happens as details reveal what the doctor had done to his children and what he was planning to do for her on Sunday. According to The Nation, he escorted his wife to JKUAT university for registration. From there, the came back to their Nakuru home before she travelled to Nairobi.

Dr. Gakara was to meet his wife the following day in Thika which was to be on Sunday. During all this time, the couple had not generated any differences before the tragic event happened on Saturday. This is what pains the wide because of how the husband kept his ulterior motives until when he did it while away.

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