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Pregnancy period

6 Common Pregnancy Myths And Facts Every Girl Should Know

Common Pregnancy Myths Every Girl Should Know

According to African traditions, giving birth especially to a baby boy is deemed as a great blessings from the creator. Men and women who were not able to sire were considered as outcast and they were assumed to have wronged the gods. According to Christian or Muslim teachings giving birth is not a big deal. Those who give birth and those who are not able to give birth are treated equally.

However, there are a number of myths associated with pregnancy and some have turned out to be true. Below are a number of them.

1. If you sit at the door, evil spirits will take up your baby or the baby born will be possed by the spirits.

Facts: sitting at the door does not have sny impact to the unborn baby provided you sit in the right way.

2. If you caress your pussy, your baby will be crying

Facts: No scientific research has proved this argument to be true.

3. If you sleep on your back the baby will be choked

Facts: Sleeping on your back do affect the position of the baby in the womb. This myth is true to some extent

4. If you watch movies your baby will become ugly

Facts: Horror movies increases anxiety and tension to the mother and therefore to the baby. This goes direct to the unborn. A angry baby is a ugly baby.

5. If you hang your clothes the baby will be tied by the umbilical cord

Facts: This is not true. Hanging clothes may only strain the mother and not the baby.

6. If you take red fruits the chic of your baby will become red and pumpy

Facts: Fruits are important to the unborn baby as it boosts immunity.

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