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"Nimeamua Kama Ni Mbaya Ikue Mbaya", Sonko To Release Sensitive Video Expose Today

Ousted Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has declared that he will not be concerned about the implications from the publication of a recording today, which he describes as extremely disturbing and sensitive.

Sonko stated today at 5:11 a.m. that he has not received any valid court order preventing him from continuing with the expose. The order he claimed to have received earlier, was manufactured and invalidated by some persons attempting to apply the law on their own.

He urged his followers to ensure that the kids were still sleeping since it was that time of the morning when he was close to releasing an extremely indecent exposé that may terminate one's career.

"I have not been served with any court order mpaka sai. Hizi ndio zile masaa zetu za kupost. Nimeamua kama ni Mbaya ikue Mbaya. Hii inakuja ni noma sana hebu muconfirm kama all the kids wamelala. I will go by the majority," he asked.

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