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Top 10 Most Controversial Images Ever Caught On Camera Which Cannot Be Explained

1. An unusual Cloud

 This unusual cloud was spotted in Italy and it looked very strange. Some even said it's an alien spacecraft that is surveying the earth. Until now we actually don't know what it was.

2. An Alien Cat

I don't know whether you believe aliens exist or not but this is actually a geographical geoglyph that has been in existence for more that 9000 years. Many have called it an alien Cat. It is found in the Atacama Desert that has never had rain for centuries.

3. Giant crab

Have you ever see a crab of this size, thank me if you're seeing it for the first time. This giant crab was caught on camera in Whitstable and was shared online. It was found to be about 50 ft. This should be named 'crabzilla'.

4. The human eye

Do you know how your eye looks like at a close look under a microscope? Here is the photo. See how the iris is very unique. The creator must be a creative one.

5. The monks Footprints

After the monk prayed in the same place and same spot everyday for 20 years, this is what happened to the floor. His footprints have become printed in the wooden floor.

6. A zebroid

This is actually a zebroid and it is a mix of a zebra breeding with a pony. Such a unique offspring. So even animals can intermarry?

7. Whale accidents

Experts have always advice that whenever you're in the sea, always ensure you have the a life jacket with you. Whale accidents are there it is just that the are very rare to occur but it is wise to always be safe because no one knows the hour or the minute.

8. The underwater sculpture

Sculpture Inertia is found in Mexico and speaks volumes of one of the saddest realities of our modern life.

10. Lake Melissani

Located in Greece is the cleanest water in the world. You can visibly see through it.

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