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Special Terms And Symbols Used In Universities That Many People May Not Understand

Most tertiary learning and teaching Institutions that is universities, colleges, technical institutes among others usually have certain terms and symbols that are rarely or not found in other lower institutions.There are certain terms and symbols that are commonly used in all tertiary learning and teaching Institutions in Kenya, however there are others that are only in specific institutions.

In this article,I will only major on the ones that are common in almost all tertiary institutions.The following are the terms and symbols that are common tertiary learning and teaching Institutions in Kenya.

1.LH- This simply means lecture hall,the symbols is commonly used in most tertiary institutions to label various halls used for lectures.

2.LR-This simply means lecture room,it is a room used for lectures that is smaller than lecture hall.It is usually used by a small group of students.

3.Mess- This is a special place in tertiary institutions where students serve as well as take their meals.It is more or less the same as dinning hall in primary and secondary boarding school, however, the only difference in mess is that you pay as you serve.

4.Sup- This is a term usually pronounced as 'soup'.It is just short form of the word supplementary.It is a special exams that is usually done after failing in a certain paper.

5.NR- This simply means none resident.This is a special term that is commonly in various tertiary institutions in Kenya to specify students who are staying outside the school.The opposite of the word none resident is resident(R).

6.Hostel- This is where students reside within the school(Residence).It is more or less the same as dormitory in secondary and primary boarding schools.

Anyone who is aiming to join tertiary should read this to avoid confusion that personally I experienced in my first year life in campus.

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