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CBC and the shortcomings

CBC is a great carriculum idea but not for a country like Kenya which is not ready to spend so that the carriculum can be viable as we've seen in other counties. In our country CBC is just in the minds of the top officials trying to push the carriculum forward but it remains a nightmare on the ground.

With the rollout of CBC hitting childrens aged 10 and 11 years, some say that they found themselves forced to learn how to make scarecrows and even wheelbarrows out of cardboard which is making parents more involved in the process of making the carriculum a success than the main stakeholders.

Some complaints using the hashtag #CBCMustFall have been seen everywhere on social media with amusing tweets with photos showing a lot of questionable workmanship. "it's a carriculum where teachers give assignments to the parents and children's are just co-ordinators", one parent tweeted.

I don't see any sense where a grade 4 kid is being taught computer programming language without even a laptop when it's hard for an undergraduate student to understand the same computer programming language with all the required materials like having a laptop.

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