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Request To The IMF To Cancel Ksh 255 Billion Loan To Kenya

Immense mismanagement and embezzlement of funds by the Kenyan government have provoked citizens to render a pressing petition to the International Monetary Fund requesting immediate suspension of the Ksh 255 billion loan to Kenya which has been recently approved. The action by the government to heighten the burden of foreign debt has yielded harsh perceptions among the upset Kenyans who feel a sense of carelessness by the government especially considering that most public funds end up in the purses of few individuals.

Many Kenyans have been left horrified and dissatisfied. The citizens express their concerns bitterly declaring openly that previous loans have not been utilized and have resulted in considerable corruption scandals. Nonetheless, the scandals have not hindered the government's thirst for additional loans. The mangling of public funds has led to hopeless living among many despondent Kenyans. The standard of living is high due to a failing economy. As a result, basic necessities have become unaffordable due to exorbitant prices charged on them.

This impoverished administration defined by scandals after scandals has inflicted bitter impressions among Kenyans who feel betrayed due to negligence of commitment by the rulers. And as if this ain't enough, the government is staging a constitutional amendment referendum whose cost of enactment is estimated at an extra 360 billion per year. Some of the presidential affiliates have been linked with the loss of billions of covid 19 funds provided by the international donors. As a result of this, Kenyans are calling upon the IMF to nullify the disbursement of Ksh 255 billion loan till transparency and accountability are upheld in public funds management.

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