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Four movies I can not wait for them to be released this March

In this generation, there are a lot of people invested on watching films especially movies and TV shows. This year is to be exciting for the movie fans across the globe. Top intriguing franchises such as the 10th sequel of the scintillating banger 'Fast and Furious' and the action packed 'John Wick chapter 4' just to mention but a few.

The month of March however, is fully packed with new movie releases. In my opinion, the most packed movie month I've seen in years. These are my top four movies I am anticipating to watch this March.

1. John Wick chapter 4

John Wick uncovers a path to defeating the High Table so he can earn freedom. But to get there, he must face off against a new enemy with influential alliances across the globe.

2.Creed III

It is a pulsating boxing movie franchise. After the events of Creed II, Donnie is thriving both in his boxing career and family life. It later changes when he has to come out and face his childhood friend and former boxing prodigy, Damian Anderson who is just from serving a long prison sentence.

3. Shazam; Fury of the gods

This is q must-watch for the DCU fans like me. It continues the story of a teenager named Billy Butson with his fellow foster kids who are still learning to juggle their teenage lives with their adult super hero alter egos.

4. 65

This is a science fiction, action thriller film. An astronaut crash lands on a foreign planet, 65 million years in the past when dinosaurs still existed.

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