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I'm A 35 Year Old Man With A Baby's Voice. Adults Find It Hard To Relate With Me;Man Opens Up

Ederson is a Tanzanian national who has amazed people with his unique voice. He tends to speak like a three-year-old, and this has made it hard for most adults to relate with him. He goes ahead to share his story on how he ended up that way.

Ederson is a family man with one wife and two children. They've been living happily for seven years, although at first, it was quite challenging for them. According to Ederson, he has always had a love for children, and he enjoyed playing with them. He figured out that they were afraid of him, including his children.

This didn't sit well with him, and so he decided to adapt to a behavior that would make them welcome him to play with them. He started to practice talking like them and behaving like them so that they'd easily relate with him. He eventually became a master after several trials and errors.

Furthermore, he now speaks like a three-year-old child, and this has made majority of the adults in his neighborhood to find it hard to relate associate with him. They go to an extent of thinking that he is mentally challenged, he states. According to him, he enjoys his newly found talent a lot since it's a dream come true. Children don't fear him anymore because they can now relate to him.

On the other hand, his wife was very uncomfortable with his child like voice at first and claimed that he was embarrassing her. She eventually embraced it, and she is proud to have her as a husband, since he makes her laugh one's he changes his voice.

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