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People Say I Bewitched My Daughter Because Of Her Strange Condition, Woman Painfully Narrates

Annsila narratated her daughter's story on how people accused her of bewitching her daughter which she knows nothing about.

Maria was born normal like any other child went to school up to grade three.It was on Monday when she went outside to play.

Annsila watched her daughter from a distance as she was playing with her fellow friends.That afternoon she came back in the house and told her mother that she was very tired.She went to her bed and have a nap.

She slept for so long and her mother was worried so she went to check on her .She found her laying down and noticed that her neck would broke.She had urinated on herself.Her mother screamed to the top of her voice calling the neighbours.

Annsila has never taken her daughter to the hospital because she has no money at all.Annsila's husband died when Maria was young.Maria is now thirty years .They stays alone and they have no one to help them .

Some people came and prayed for Maria's sickness condition but their prayers went in vein,she did not get well.A woman later came and gave her some harbal medicine which she got well for some minutes, she was able to walk for some minutes and then fall down.

Annsila has become the laughter to the village as they gossip about her daughter's condition.The sickness condition has become worse ,Maria is unable to walk and she hardly speaks.

Annsila is pleading to the well wishers to donate money for Maria so as she can buy a wheelchair for her.

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