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"Amekubali Kurudi Shule" Reactions After MP Oscar Sudi is Spotted Wearing Full School Uniform

In the recent past, many Legislators have come under fire over their not having cleared schools despite the fact that this has never been proved in a court of law.

Picture courtesy. Oscar Sudi in full school uniform.

Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi, has been embroiled in a court case involving his Highway Secondary School certificate of which the Principal denied that he was ever a student there.

This afternoon, according to reliable reports that we have, the controversial Member of Parliament has been spotted wearing full school regalia at a function in his Constituency.

Picture courtesy.

Oscar Sudi is the current Member of Parliament from Kapseret Constituency that is found in Rift Valley and is said to be one of the key allies in the United Democratic Alliance party.

The function involved a school in the area where the Member of Parliament made his attendance dressed in full school uniform exciting the parents, students and teachers who were there.

Some section of Kenyans reacted to these pictures as highlighted below:

Daniel: Sahi imegundua umuhimu wa masomo.

Josiah Obala: They have now realize that education is the key.

Stonepen: Oh. It's never too late, at least amekubali kurudi shule.


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