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Relief To Tenants As Assembly Majority Leader Amos Kimunya Proposes New Bill

Today on 17th March 2021, the assembly majority leader has delivered what we call the best news that has left Kenyans smiling especially those who rent houses to stay. Majority of average Kenyan have rented houses in town to stay whereby amidst covid-19 misery they face challenges of being evicted.

Kipiriri MP as reported by Standard he has said that landlords who will be found evicting tenants because of areas will be in hot soup. Amos says the landlords planning to increase the rent money or evict tenants should give their months notice before doing so.

“A landlord and any agent or servant of a landlord who evicts a tenant without the authority of a tribunal or willfully subjects a tenant to any annoyance to induce or compel the tenant to vacate the premises or to pay, directly or indirectly a higher rent for the premises commits an offence,” the bill reads.

This gospel should be preached widely to all landlord because if they defy and kick the tenants out of the house because of any amount of money accumulated they will be risking being jailed for 6months and even a fine.

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