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Bad Signal; BBI Suffers Huge Blow at The Court of Appeal After The Court Decline This Request

Despite the pro-BBI team remaining optimistic for the court of appeal ruling on the bill, the day starts with a serious negative signal after their first request has been rejected.

They had requested for Hon Kajama to be allowed to join the court during the bill proceedings, something that has been rejected by the president of the court of appeal Daniel Musinga, saying that it's impossible to include him because the judiciary does not need any checks for an informed decision to be made.

"I Daniel Musinga the court of appeal president rejects the call to have hon Kajama to join this case. I want to say it again that it will be impossible to include him. Judiciary doesn't need any checks for an informed decision to be made."

This is a very huge blow for the team especially at the time that the proceedings are starting because they had hope that hon. Kajama could be resourceful in the process as they hope for the best outcome before proceeding to the referendum.


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