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What China did to Sri Lanka and Zambia for not Paying Debts and May do it to Kenya as well

Kenya owes China a debt of more than $6 million. This amount may even grow because the country is still lending money from China. My worry, however, is not how the money is going to be repaid. My main worry is whatever the Chinese government may do to Kenya if they fail to repay the loan. It is not the first time China is lending such a huge amount of money to countries. In fact, even the US government owes them money. The Chinese government may make Kenya poorer. This is because Kenya is risking losing a lot to China if they fail to pay the debt.

The Sri Lankan government in 2017, lost its Hambantota port to China for a lease period of 99years. This was after failing to show commitment in the repayment of billions of dollars in loans. China had control of the territory due to the transfer.

A similar action was taken by China In 2018 when Zambia failed to repay the loan they lent them. This time Zambia lost Kaunda International airport to China. These two cases are just but a few of the examples of how China uses aids and loans to gain influence around the world.

Kenya may join Sri Lanka and Zambia. That is to say, if Kenya fails to repay the loan, the Chinese government may be granted control over either one of the biggest airport or one of the biggest seaport. This means that even the workers would work under the Chinese government. If this happens, It may be a big loss to Kenya. Kenya must avoid this.

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